“Biodynamic culture ; excellence and natural precision for the respect of our Burgundy  “terroirs”. “

Biodynamic viticulture :

Organic and biodynamic viticulture, are often mistakenly confused. They have, in common to use no chemical input. If organic culture maintains life naturally in the soil, biodynamic  culture stimulates and revives the soil.
Beyond a natural work without pesticides or insecticides, the biodynamic culture is a global approach that is based on the valorization of the soil and the vine in its natural environment.
Biodynamic viticulture strives to strengthen the vitality and resistance of plants by improving natural exchanges between the soil and the roots on the one hand, and between the sky and the plant on the other. This method is expressed by two characteristics: the use of specific preparations in the management of the vine and taking into account the phases of the Moon.
Biodynamic viticulture aims to boost and intensify organic life in the environment where the vine grow. This process gives more life to the soil, in which roots of vines grow in order to reveal the expression of the Burgundy “terroirs” in their fair translation. The biodynamic viticulture, thus allows a better connection between the plant and the soil. This exchange is transcribed in the grapes and therefore in the wine.
The cosmic phase of biodynamic viticulture allows the plant to strengthen and gives itself more energy, thanks to the natural powers rather than working against it. The Moon, which has a strong influence on liquids and particularly on the sap of the vines, punctuates the rules of viticulture in tune with its cycles.
The rare quality of Frédéric Magnien’s wines lies in the respect of the cosmic elements, the careful observation of the plants and the listening of the soil. Each of the bottles transcribe with loyalty the purity of the appellations, the passion of the vine  the influence of the natural elements, all thanks to the principles of biodynamic viticulture.

Wine growing between wood and soil :

Frédéric Magnien was naturally led to discover future developments to this philosophy in his winemaking method. He chose to use a terracotta jar, neutrel and with no aeomatic influence for the partial aging of the exceptional vintage wines.
The earthnware jar allows Frédéric Magnien, to grow a more digestive, organic wine, respecting the purity of the fruit and the authenticity of its “terroir”. This aging in jars comes in addition to the traditional breeding in old barrels and unveils crystal-clear and orginal wines.
From this point forward, the identity of the precious « cuvées » are refined, thanks  to wine maturing that is split between wood and soil.