Saint-Joseph “Tildé” 2016 Pierre-Jean Villa winery – Organic wine


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At the Villa’s, in Spain or in France, we have always worked the land. Pierre-Jean never inherited vines, but he did the grape harvests, visited the cellars, tasted wines and travelled the vineyards with his winegrower friends.
– 1992 : it’s the big leap for the Burgundy region and its prestigious domains, Mommessin, Clos de Tart … Pierre-Jean Villa monitors the wine, from production to marketing.
– 2003 : Pierre-Jean Villa returns to his childhood home and joins the Vienna Wine Trio where he will hold the fort until 2009.
– 2009 : Pierre-Jean Villa creates his vineyard in the heart of the northern Rhône and begins his new life as a 100% independent winegrower.
– 2018 : years have passed and the vineyard has taken off with 14 hectares of major vines spread over the right and left bank of the Rhone: Côte-Rôtie, Condrieu, Saint-Joseph, Crozes-Hermitage and on the hillsides of Seyssuel at north of Vienna.

Only a well-cared land and fruit can give you a great wine.  A self evident fact and a work ethic for Pierre-Jean Villa. He does not let anything go. His main focus in the vineyard is to save the soil’s life to produce wines faithful to their terroir. He accompanies the grapes in the cellar with minimal intervention in the wine-making process, yeasts, in accordance with the lunar calendar for the racking and bottling. In the end, the wine should express a fair and delicate balance between tradition of the terroir and the ethic of the winemaker.

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