Château Carbon d’Artigues Red “Cuvée Tradition” 2015 – Graves


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Château Carbon d’Artigues is a property located in the heart of the Land of Graves in the municipality of Landiras. The origin of this vineyard dates back from the 14th century; it was the property of François de Goth, lord of Landiras, nephew of Pope Clement V, who named it “Caillou d’Artigues”. The entire vineyard extends on the southern slope of the Artigues hillside. Since 1988, Louis-Michel Musyt and Michel Bonnot have been the owners of Château Carbon d’Artigues. They have, from the beginning, implemented modern winemaking techniques, and worked on a continuous improvement of their productions.

The property now covers a total production area of ​​about 20 hectares of vines in Graves red appellation, and 6 hectares of vines in the Graves white appellation. The Graves terroir produces red wines considered as great wines, and extremely sought-after dry white wines. They often have a flamboyant style and a rich structure from their youth. They become more complex as they age, revealing aromas of spices. With a finesse and a remarkable fruity, they can be kept at least 10 years.

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