Château Des Graviers – Margaux “Cru Artisant” – Biodynamic cultivated wine


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The love of the earth has led us to the vineyard. When Christophe Landry’s great-grandfather buys the first plots at a place called “Le Gravier”, the adventure begins, and has been going on for four generations now.
The vineyard has been built over generations and Christophe guides him to the future. For this, he continues to work in ancestral way respecting the cosmic rhythms. The estate has 13 hectares of vines.

“It’s not a coincidence that vintage wines surround us! ”
The vineyard of Château Des Graviers is planted on ridges of Pyrenean quaternary gravel that culminate from 19 to 23 meters.
On a depth of 14 to 16 meters, these gravels are rich in pebbles and poor in clay, which gives the soil a great draining capacity. In addition, the ridges are separated by a natural network of small streams that drain water to the estuary. The vine has only the amount of water necessary for its growth which creates a natural concentration of the fruits.

Deep rooting allows the vine to draw mineral elements that bring complexity.
The pebbles allow an exceptionally high solar radiation that has a direct impact on the development of the vineyard, via photosynthesis, on the health status and on the final maturity of the berries.
On the plots, geo-pedological studies were carried out ; they have revealed three types of soils in adequation of which are planted three additional grape varieties, to increase the aromatic panel. Field operated in BIO.

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