Champagne Lancelot Pienne “Cuvée Perceval 2012”


The Chardonnay (50%) from the grand cru plots of Cramant, and the Pinot noir (50%) from the racy plots named Les Bignards, Les Baltoits, and located in the Marne Valley in Monthelon and Boursault give its characteristics to this Champagne which bears the maiden name… of Madame Gilles Lancelot. Vinification is done in stainless steel vats, complete malolactic fermentation. To the eye, the bubbles are fine, with contained effervescence. The dress is golden. The nose is fruity, aromas of blackcurrant, slightly undergrowth, typical of Pinot Noir plots. On the palate, the balance is perfect between the power of Pinot Noir and the delicacy of Chardonnay. Champagne to drink during a meal, with fish cooked in sauce, white meats such as a veal chop with morels.

Serve between 6° and 8°.

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The vineyards of Lancelot Pienne Champagnes are located in the heart of Champagne, in Cramant. The estate covers 8.50 hectares of vineyards. The plots are cultivated on the prestigious and authentic terroirs of the Côte des Blancs and the Marne Valley. The farm includes about fifty plots, sometimes from 2 to 3 ares, each one has its particularity and gives each harvest unique facets. This situation requires a reasoned and sustainable viticulture by adapting some biological principles such as tillage, grassing on some more vigorous plots that have heavier soils.

Annual nutrient intakes are carried out at the end of November with only organic amendments, which gives the vine time to assimilate them better. During the development of the vegetation, the vines are also followed by a control organism which makes it possible to adapt, at best, the fight against the cryptogamic diseases. A reasoned viticulture implies daily checks in the vineyards, a powerful equipment and a preventive, thoughtful and adapted use of phytosanitary products. This philosophy respects the vegetation and is a policy of good father who is responsible for his “little ones”. Vinification is done in stainless steel vats to maintain perfect neutrality. It is important, especially on Cramant wines, to vinify in stainless steel tanks in order to highlight the minerality, the “wet chalk” sensation of the terroir, and not to use wood. The wines undergo a malo lactic fermentation.

The wines are more flexible, but also and above all more complex from an aromatic point of view. Still in the idea of ​​making “author wines”, “high definition” wines, this Domaine has a more important approach to “dosage”. It adapts a low dosage to the wines in order to emphasize “the soil”. Just enjoy a Cuvée “Table Ronde” at 3 g/l to understand it. You will have a saline sensation, a persistent mineral character in the mouth, one of the peculiarities of Cramant. Sugar is used as a flavor enhancer, as can salt in the kitchen.

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