Château de Bellevue – Lussac Saint-Emilion – Organic wine


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With the Château de Bellevue, a pretty Bordeaux chartreuse of the 18th century, we are in the Lussac Saint-Emilion appellation. At 200 meters from the current buildings, we find the foundations of a Gallo-Roman villa, named Lucciacus. In the 16th century, the estate belongs to the Demay family, owner of Château Certan in Pomerol. In 1971, Charles Chatenoud, Savoyard who worked the vineyard on the canton of Geneva, redeems it.

The castle is now in the hands of his son André. Graduate of the Faculty of Bordeaux, the latter feeds his work experiences at Yquem, Petrus or other areas in France, the United States, Australia and even South Korea.

Since 2002 the domain is certified in organic farming. Under the buildings, there are former underground quarries that served as mushroom farms before becoming the cellars where the vintages of the estate are aging. They offer a constant and ideal temperature of 12 degrees.

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