Château des Tourtes “Cuvée Classic” Red 2014 – Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux


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Founded in 1967, the Raguenot Vineyards thrive thanks to the pioneering and visionary minds of Lise and Philippe Raguenot. In 1997, their two daughters Emmanuelle and Marie-Pierre took over the Château des Tourtes vineyard in the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation. Assisted by their husbands, and thanks to their skills, their motivation and especially their passion for the world of wine, they apply to gain a strong reputation at the international level thanks to a follow-up, a regularity in the work and an irreproachable quality .

This is how they acquired a recognition that since the creation of Vignobles Raguenot is never denied.

They have more than 100 medals in 25 years, and many press articles that crown each year, their commitment to the profession of winemaker. The Raguenot vineyard now extends over a hundred hectares.

Château des Tourtes covers 64 hectares, of which 15 hectares are devoted to the production of white grapes. The rest of the vineyard is reserved for the production of red grapes.

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