Château Pénin 2014 “Grande Sélection” – Bordeaux Supérieur


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Patrick Carteyron is one of the “leaders” of the gigantic Bordeaux appellation. He has been managing and developing this family property since 1982. Château Pénin is a reference in the “Bordeaux Supérieur” appellation. The family farm grew from 13 hectares in 1854 to 40 hectares today.

This wine represents half of the red production of Penin Castle. It is made from vines over 8 years old. The soil is very deep Graves soil, pebbles – gravel – sand.
According to the plots the proportions of pebbles and sands are variable.

The vineyard is cultivated traditionally, based on a population of 5000 feet per hectare. The trellising plans are high to obtain a maximum illuminated leaf area. Trimming of leaves in early July for better sunshine clusters. Harvesting is done at optimal maturity with a selection of plots depending on the age of the vines, the grape varieties, and the maturity of the grapes. The destemming is total and fermentation in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats. The vattings are from 15 to 25 days following the tasting. Wine farming is done at the end of the vinication. Each vat is thoroughly tasted to select the wines that can enter this “cuvée”. Wines considered insufficient will not be bottled, and sold in cubitainers. The aging is 12 months in vats, with regular withdrawals to provide the necessary oxygen for the evolution of tannins. The wines are tasted and graded regularly every month to follow their evolution and refine the final assembly.

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